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Our Story

Our Story


Anyone who is passionate about their health and fitness will know the importance of working out smartly to prevent injury. Wearing circulation wristbands, support socks or knee support during your exercise routine can be a clever way to prolong your wellbeing.

The most common sports injuries according to WebMD are ankle sprains, tennis elbow (epicondylitis), shin splits, groin pulls, hamstring strains and two types of knee injuries - ACL tears and patellofemoral syndrome, which occurs due to the repetitive movement of the kneecap against the thigh bone.

Many of these can be avoided by taking simple measures such as landing with your knees bent when doing jump exercises or stretching properly during your warm up session. Such straightforward precautions can really go a long way towards keeping you fit. In fact, a study from the British Medical Journal found that a structured warm up before exercising can prevent up to half of severe sports injuries from happening at all.

Another key preventative measure is to wear various circulation enhancing and support Incrediwear products for all your sports, exercise and rehabilitation needs.

The perks of choosing Incrediwear

All Incrediwear products are made using an advanced active fabric technology, created with a carefully selected and clinically tested blend of fibres that are designed to increase circulation to the injured or painful site.

Incrediwear products also offer better mobility and improved comfort. Wearing them can reward you with faster recovery times and get you back in shape sooner after an injury. Furthermore Incrediwear offers enhanced support to minimise the risks of injury in the first place, providing you wear them during your physical activities.

The fabric is soft and comfortable enough to wear over long periods of time, as well as anti-microbial so it can inhibit odour. You'll enjoy an increased range of motion and decreased pain, which is why so many people are singing the praises of Incrediwear. Don't suffer in silence - get your range of Incrediwear products and enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle.